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Samsung Announces Galaxy Note II Sales Figures, Over Five Million “Phones” Sold

Image Credit: Samsung Korea

Image Credit: Samsung Korea

Samsung just announced that the 5.5-inch Galaxy Note II has sold over five million units worldwide. That’s two million more than Samsung had sold just a month ago, when the Korean electronics company reported sales broke three million. Five million units is a merely respectable figure in the smartphone market, but the Galaxy Note and Note II have done incredibly well for what are essentially specialty devices. The massive Note II is too big for most consumers to comfortably use as a primary phone, despite carrier support for traditional telephony services, and too small to replace larger tablets. Samsung’s strong sales in spite of the Note II’s weird size are most likely the result of a strong, albeit snarky, marketing campaign for the entire Galaxy line and support for styluses, a feature most phones and tablets lack. You can check out the Korean press release here.

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